تشقق القدمين فى الشتاء

7 ways to heal chapped legs in winter

7 ways to heal chapped legs in winter

Caring about our skin always increases during winter more than other seasons.

This is because our skin is more likely to get dry and cracked.

Especially in feet and unfortunately affects women the most leading to their discomfort.


Reasons for feet chaps:

7 ways to heal chapped legs in winter : Usually, this type of injury happens due to lack of humidity as in dry cold weather and these chaps maybe painful and may cause bleeding.

The chaps may be due to other factors as:

– Not drinking enough amounts of water daily

– Lack of moisturizing your feet

– Dry cold weather in winter

– Taking very hot baths

– Using dry soap on your feet a lot which is hard to remove

– Scrubbing dry feet

How to take care of your chapped feet?

تشقق القدمين فى الشتاء

1- Increasing the amount of water you drink in a day; our skin loses about a litre of water per day so drinking enough water would help the healing

2- Using moisturizers; using moisturizers twice a day helps to get better results with your treatment and also to retain liquids in your skin

You can choose between more than one product from Gardenia pharmacies:

3- Wearing moisturizing socks; using moisturizing socks helps getting extra moisture in your skin as they differ from regular socks in their special made design for dry, chapped heals

4- Wearing shoes which have a closed back; as sandals may cause chapped heals and would make it worse

5- Taking care of your heals before sleeping; soak your legs for 10 minutes or more in water and leave them till they get dry then scrub them gently with a loofah or a scrubber to get rid of dead skin

6- Use a liquid bandage; they are used to cover the chapped skin and this offers a protecting layer over the chaps and helps reducing pain and prevents entry of dirt or microbes into the scars

7- Use dry scrubber; you can use it for the dry areas on the sole of your foot immediately after showers or after soaking your feet

7 ways to heal chapped legs in winter

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