اتروزيمب أقراص

اتروزيمب – Atrozemb

اتروزيمب – Atrozemb

اتروزيمب أقراص -Atrozemb tablets

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Atrozemb 20/10 mg Tablet 20pcs /
Atorvastatin / cardiovascular medications


Atrozemb tablets

Atrozemb is used to treat high cholesterol.

To reduce the percentage of triglycerides in the blood, including tri glycrides, low-density (bad and bad) cholesterol, LDH, and also high-density (good and good for the body) HDH cholesterol.

It is used to treat heart diseases as a result of harmful high cholesterol in the blood.

It is used in cases of familial gene duplication in high cholesterol in the blood.

Dosage and method of use Atrozemb tablets

The appropriate dose is determined by the specialist doctor, as each disease differs from the other and the extent of its response to treatment.

The usual dose is to take one tablet daily.

The indicated dose is taken before or after food.

The dose is not adjusted for patients with renal failure.

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side effects

Taking the drug Atrozemb leaves side effects, including that it may cause weakness and muscle atrophy after a long period of use. Therefore, it is advised to consult a doctor to change the drug after a period to avoid any harm.

Contraindications to use Atrozemb tablets

Not for use with patients with active liver disease.

Use in people with kidney disease with great caution and under the care of a specialist.

Atrozemb tablets should be used with caution in patients with diabetes, as it increases the level of blood sugar and also increases turmeric sugar (HBA1C in the blood).

Use with caution in stroke patients or those who have had a stroke.

In the event of gout, the doctor must be informed because this medicine interacts with medicines for gout, and the treatment is impaired, and this harms the health and the body.

If you take sexual stimulants, the doctor must know this to avoid any harm that may happen to you because it may cause drug interactions and cause sexual failure.

In case of pregnancy, it is contraindicated in pregnancy because it is not safe to use and may deform the fetus.

In breastfeeding, its use is prohibited because it may harm the infant and the mother as well, and it is not safe to use.

This medicine is not recommended for use in patients with liver failure or impaired liver function.

It is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity or hypersensitivity to this medicine or any of its components.

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